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Garo Dao
Assam, Nagalands
Head hunters sword

Garo Dao naga India Assam Nagalands Head hunters sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good rare Naga Dao from the Garo tribes of Nagaland.

The warriors of the regions have long been known as fearsome head hunters. These large and heavy dao were used by the Garo warriors or Matgriks as they were known, in battle and head taking.
This example measures 70cms long and 13cms across the simple iron cross piece. The cutting edge is approx 30cms long, 6cms wide at the tip and 3cms wide at the base, with a medial ridge running throughout the centre of the blade.
It's simple forged construction is heavy but well balances and the odd shape is very agronomical in the hand.

A good example of a rare Garo artefact.

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