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Bali Keris
19th century

Bali Keris 19th century Kris Cirebon Java www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good old Bali Keris for restoration if desired.

This example measures 60cms long in its sheath, 50cms out and has a blade length of 37.5cm.

The rare hulu type known as Khaki Kuda. As the images show, there is loss and wear throughout.
The slender 11 luk blade shows to have had a long and revered life with ritual cleanings having worn thin the blade is several places. Whilst not displaying its traditional polish or Waragan, pamor can be seen running the length of the blade.
The sheath or sarong remains complete but also with losses seen in the images provided.

A very well priced Bali Keris with interesting features and a blade that will grade up very well.

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