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A rare Penai
A fine example

A rare Penai Sulawesi Indonesian sword klewwang pedang Sumara Celebes Baree Toraja A fine example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good example of the type, complete with its original scabbard.

This sword type from the Baree speaking people in Toraja Sulawesi is becoming increasing harder to find.
Over all, in its scabbard, this example measures 75cms long. out it is 61.5cms long and carries a fine blade that measures 49cms.
This sword type is characterized by the angular hilt of carved and engraved Buffalo horn and heavy pamor blade.
The hilts on these sword types come in a large variety of forms and carving, with this style being considered more common.
The blade is a heavy type with very clear pamor surfaces remaining in untouched condition.
The wooden scabbard has carved suspension fittings and base, carved surfaces around the suspension points and a horn throat piece.
The base of the scabbard, to the outer face appears to have received a sword cut.
A fine example in very good condition throughout.
Refer to: A.G.Van Zonneveld Traditional Weapons of the Indonesian Archipelago, page 104.

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