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A good Moroccan Saif
Massive Rhino hilt
Long blade

A good Moroccan Saif Nimcha Massive Rhino hilt Long blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Moroccan Saif with a Rhino hilt of exceptional size.

This Saif must have belonged to a very large man, I can hardly get a proper grip of the hilt because of its girth
This sword measures 95.5cms long and carries a 79cms long blade.
The huge hilt measures 13.5cms long, 9cms across the pommel and approx 3.5cms thick. the grip section is 5cms wide.
The iron guard and quillon block have been painted sometimes during its life and the paint does show age but is certainly not original.
The blade is of classic slender form. It has a block forte, has a spine nearly 1cms thick and a very deep fuller to each face that runs through to the clipped back edge.

A large and heft example of the type.

A large example of the classical Moroccan Saif.

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