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A very fine Knife
Gaucho Presentation
Brazil, 19th century
Exceptional features

A very fine Knife Punal Naife cuchillo dagger Gaucho Presentation Brazil 19th century Exceptional features www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and very rare exhibition/presentation grade Brazilian Gaucho knife. European export for the South American market.

This outstanding knife measures 33cms long in its sheath, is 31cms overall and has a blade length of 20cms inclusive of the bolster.

This is one of those cutler's exhibition grade examples that encompasses so many fine aspects of the knife making craft.
Upon insight gained from very knowledgeable published collectors, it is likely Belgium made for the export market to South America, however, through further discussion, given the specific blade type, there could also be Italian influence as was often also found within Gaucho knives.

The extremely decorative hilt is gold plated and set with garnets. All surfaces are so very well and deeply engraved and the level of crispness and detail is exceptional.
The clip point bowie style blade retains a very sharp and original non sharpened edge. Its block forte is pierced and engraved to reveal a rampant winged mythological beast, possibly a Griffin. The spine at the forte is engraved, whilst the rest of the spine towards the clipped tip is file finished in classical Spanish style. The blade surfaces remain in a bright full mirror polish with only minor age related wear.

The sheath is an exceptional work of art. Like the hilt, the level of detail is simply outstanding. The outer face is covered in deep engraved relief work displaying floral motifs and tendrils whilst the reverse displays a large pierced central cartouche to which a winged angel is flying within. The large belt clip is also pierced and engraved in deep relief

An exceptional and unique example of a very high quality exhibition grade Brazilian Gaucho knife that displays masterful work throughout.

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