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A rare Shamshir
Assad Allah, Persia
A good wootz blade

A rare Shamshir Assad Allah, Persia persian sword saber sabre saif A good wootz blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good honest example of a Bedouin's Shamshir with a Persian Wootz Assad Allah trade blade of nice form.

This sabre measures 94.5cms long in its scabbard, 92.5cms out and has a blade length of 81cms to the centre of the quillon block.
The hilt is is comprised of simple polished horn grip slabs, a steel grip strap and quillon block and a copper or possibly tarnished silver wire wrap.
The blade is signed in typical fashion with the mark of Assad Allah to one face and decorative script to the reverse. Both sides of the forte show the remains of gold applications.
The blade is a strong fighting type, solid and true. There are very minor areas of pitting as seen in the photographs provided.
Each face displays well executed fullers with 4 narrow fullers above a single broader fuller.
A clear and consistent Wootz pattern is seen throughout the blades surfaces and minor edge sharpening consistent with use throughout its life.
The scabbard is solid throughout and did perhaps once retain a steel drag.

A good honest, original and untouched example of a Persian Shamshir with a very hard to obtain blade type.

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