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Moro Barong
Unique blade decorations
Shandigan blade type
Status fighting sword

Moro Barong Kris Kampilan Unique blade decorationsShandigan blade type Status fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A large and heavy Moro Barong with a shandigan blade type and unique silver and copper talismanic symbolism to the blade.

This old warrior from the Moro tribes of the southern Philippines comes without a scabbard and with a repair to the timber junggayan hilt.
Overall this barong measures 64cms. It carries a blade that is 42.5cms long, 8cms across the belly and approx 6.5mm thick.
The blade deeply hollow ground with a nice pronounced ridge leading to the cutting edge.
As seen in the images, to its left face is a large silver and copper talismanic motif. To my eye, the motif is that on the Ring of Solomon. Its inner designs contain leaf like tendrils and a large flower like motif to its centre. Surrounding the motif are magic squares within squares and what appears to be old Islamic or Jawi text.

A fine old warrior with very rare and unique markings that is passed on in as found condition and would grade up nicely.

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