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Dayak Dart Quiver and darts
A complete Borneo blowgun quiver

Dayak Dart Quiver and poison darts A complete Borneo blowgun quiver www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete example of a Dayak Tolor (quiver) and darts for a Sumpitan.

The bamboo canister stands 30cms tall and has a diameter of 6cms.
The Tolor is entirely complete. It retains it the carved belt/sash hook, all rattan binding, its lid, 12 individual dart cases and 12 darts.

Further detail shows 3 of the individual dart cases retain a black paper like covering, 1 of which is a double dart case which is full of darts that do not have fletching attached, and another single dart without fletching remains loose within.

Each cased dart with fletching shows to have been dipped within the Antiaris toxicaria resin seen sitting within the concave lid of the Tolor. The practical design of the individually cased darts protects the user from accidental contact with the tips and offers confident handling in low light when hunting.

A rare complete example of simple and practical form.

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