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Vietnamese Dagger/short sword
Exceptionally robust weapon
Horn hilt, Samrit dress

Vietnamese Dagger short sword knife Exceptionally robust weapon Horn hilt Samrit dress www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Ex personal collection.

An exceptionally robust long knife/ short sword from Vietnam.

This early example is likely from the later part of the 18h century, very early 19th century, when weapons of status found in the Vietnam regions were functional and robust weapons.
Overall this example is 39cms and carries a 29cm long blade. The blade is carries is an amazing 1cm thick, which in turn, adds a lot of weight behind cutting strokes, and equally, a lot of weight behind piercing stabs meant to penetrate quilted or lamellar armour, without compromising the blade's integrity. The overall form of this weapons is one of extreme practicality. The tapered hilt and fluted grip offer a very strong and positive grip for slashing, and offers a very safe and secure grip behind the thick guard for stabbing.
The fittings are a very good quality and Samrit construction. All is tight and without movement due to the peened tang construction, an aspect that is not typical for the time or region where most blades on Vietnamese weapons were resin set.
The faceted and fluted grip form is a touch of class and remains in perfect condition. The guard is slightly domed and highly polished on the blade side, where engraved decorative motifs are found.
Surrounding the base of the blade is a very thick and fine quality samrit tonkou in the form of a rampant lion or dragons head with its mouth wide open, giving the appearance of the blade continuing from within this mythical beasts mouth.

A very rare and robust fighting long knife/short sword that clearly belonged to an individual of both means and ability.

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