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A rare Perak Keris
A large example
Robust 3 luk blade
A warrior's keris

A rare Perak Malaysian kris Keris A large example Robust 3 luk blade A warrior's keris Malaysia www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good large Perak keris of broad and rare form.

In its sheath, it is 47.5cms long. Out it is 46.5cms long, with a blade length of 38cms.
With a large bold and classical Perak dress, this is a striking keris in the hand. The large Sampir and hulu are carved from a beautiful burl wood and the stem a luminous wood that appears to be Sena wood. The hulu has very minor losses to the tip of the beak and dorsal fin, and a stable age crack through the burl to the rear. It sits at of fine old bronze pendokok.

The blade type is a most interesting one and do believe it to be of talismanic nature. It is a large 3 luk example, a classic fighter keris in this respect, it broad and very well balanced. Perak Keris are typically without pamor in the traditional sense, rather a more common melding of contrasting steels. In that sense, this example is not much different, but when viewing its surfaces closely, whilst not consistent, the "Tiger Stripe" high contrast pamor is quite deliberate, as it what appears to be rice grain pamor to the tip inner face. Various other markings are present and the faces are quite different to each other.

A good large old fighter from the Perak region of North West Malaysia.

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