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Sikin Panjang
Sumatra, 19th century
Hulu Peusangan
Pattern welded blade

Sikin Panjang Aceh Sumatra 19th century Hulu Peusangan Pattern welded blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good old Sikin Panjang with a fine Hulu Peusangan.

In its scabbard, this example measures 70.5cms long. Out it is 66.5cms and has a blade length of 53cms including the bolster.

The sword has a very well carved Hulu Peusangan hilt that has survived in very good condition, free from major cracks which affect these sword types so often.

The blade is robust and shows hints of the well-known pattern welding seen on the type, and has a stem ring of nine leaves.

The scabbard is a simple example. Its timbers do not carry inked motifs and they are bound in a white metal strapping. the traditional carved throat piece, likely timber on this example, it is not present.

Overall a good fighting sword from Sumatra that would grade up well.

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