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Mid 19th century or earlier
A fine blade

Duanjiān Hudiedao Rare Wing Chun sized examples Complete with sheath Chinese swords sabre doa dadao knife knives dagger China antique www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good early example of the short Jian.

This example likely dates from the 1830-1850s and has remained in excellent condition for its age.

The Jian is currently housed in a late 19th century scabbard with partial scabbard fittings.
In its scabbard, the sword measures 70cms long. Out it is 67cms long and has a blade length of 50cms.
The hilt remains in exception condition with only a minor section of its original grip wrapping missing. The hilt remains tight and without any movement to any of the fittings.

The blade has been cleaned and polished in modern times but still shows its age within the surfaces. The blade tip is quite sharp with the blade itself being a good stiff practical fighting quality.

The scabbard as noted is a late Ching example. Its drag is missing, and the suspension fittings have been placed upside down.

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