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Suma, Greek ramrod
A fine complete example

Suma, Greek Ottoman pistol ramrod A fine complete example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine example of a rare Suma for an early Greek muzzle loading pistol.

This example measure 50cms long excluding the lanyard swivel. It is 53cms long including the swivel.

Seldom seen in todayís market, this Suma displays a fine old world patina and remains in excellent condition throughout, free from loss or damage.

The ramrod proper is a heavy iron of gently tapering form at the end, which again flares to a wider tip. it is engraved with various increments used for gauging load packed within the pistolís barrel.

The profusely decorated handle appears to be a cast white metal, likely a low grade silver spelter. There is nil loss or damage, and the swivel turns freely.

A very good and reasonably priced example that has clearly seen active service.

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