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Pandai Yahya Malela Keris
A unique opportunity
Pattani master, Terengganu Malela

Pandai Yahya Malela A unique opportunity Pattani master Terengganu Malela Sumatra Keris kris Patani Coteng Tajong www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An exceptionally rare Keris Malela.

A Terengganu Malela keris created by Pandai Yahya.
A good Pandai can it is estimated, make about 1000 blades in his life time. To date I have and have seen about 20 keris that display his trademark qualities, yet a Terengganu Malela is a fist for me and my colleagues.
Several other rare variants are known in private collections, yet what he was most famous for are the incredibly well detailed Saras blades of the north, famous throughout Patani and northern Kelantan.
The individual who commissioned this Malela blade must have had significant influence to obtain such a rare and unique blade from master Yahja.

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