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Bukhara, double Pichoq
Trousse, rare pair of knives
Central Asia

Bukhara double Pichoq<br>Trousse Central Asia rare pair of knives www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An exceptionally rare pair of Bukharan Pichoq.

These double knives measure 23.5cms long and have blades which are just over 13cms long.

Eating sets of this type are extremely rare. The way they join is through friction and simple slot and pin design. The union of the blades has been seen within the rarer Central Asian knives, but also Georgian Kindjal within the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, and I have personally seen a demure pair of Shashka in this form.
The design is compact and practical.

The grip slabs are deeply engraved along the mid-section, the pommels, and the bolsters. There appears to be remains of Niello within the engraving.
The grip material I cannot quite get a bearing on. It is very hard, grey in colour and heavy like steel. There is oxidisation to some parts of the surface, yet the colour is so distinctly grey that I feel it may contain zinc, and potentially be a thick zinc alloy akin to the Chinese Paktong.

The fine blades are expertly made. Given the blades are scarf welded to the tangs, the blades are quite likely a very fine Bukharan Wootz like steel that could be bought to the surface with an etchant.
Each blade face is fullered below the spine and incised lines are found both below the fuller and along the spine.
The spine of the tangs is covered with a bright brass grip strap with engraved surfaces and one pommel lacking the covering.

A very rare Central Asian pair of Pichoq.

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