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Kurdish Khanjar
Horn hilt
Pattern welded blade

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A Horn hilted Kurdish Khanjar, circa 1900

This old example is of classic and simple means. It has a dark brown horn hilt, simple brass hilt domes, and a classic blade type of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Overall it measures 37cms long. The blade is 23cms long.

The horn hilt is of tapering form, simply formed and displays a well-used and deep patina throughout its surfaces, and that of the dome remaining to the pommel.
It has received two extra re-enforcing pins through the blade. These can be seen just below the space left from the missing dome. It is a known practice to do so. If done during manufacture or later in its working life I do not know.

The shallow curved blade displays a pattern welded surface and differential steels. The form retains the acute raised medial ridge for which these later types are known.

A good honest old warrior from the mountainous regions east of Turkey.

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