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A rare Belgium Folding Cutlass
19th century, Anrold Namur

A rare Belgium Folding Cutlass sword knife dagger navaja 19th century Anrold Namur Eugénie Licot www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare folding Belgium cutlass by Arnold Namur.

This folding cutlass measures 50cms open, 27cms folded, and has a blade length of 23.5cms.

The design was originally intended to be single handed opening by simply depressing the thumb lever on the left face and the spring activated blade would open automatically. The spring mechanism in this example is not working and may not be present within.

The entire design is a very clever and well thought out, being single handed opening, minimal parts, and coupled with an incredibly robust construction. Even the position of the thumb lever was so well thought of, that it would protect one’s fingers from any potential failure to securely lock or on the extremely rare chance of the back spring or locking pin failing.

Overall, considering the age and harsh life these blades saw, this one has survived in quite good condition. There is minor loss to the end of one timber grip slab and the reverse has seen a replacement section in the same place. A few small nicks at the tip of the blade and very minor surface wear throughout.

A good example of the type that would grade up well and can be restored to full working order.

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