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Espada Ancha, Mexican frontier sword
Colonial era Saber
Wild Western Frontiers
Later scabbard repairs

Espada Ancha Mexican Frontier sword sabre saber Colonial era Wild Western Frontiers New Mexico Texas Cowboy Gaucho Later scabbard repairs www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rarely seen sword type from the wild Mexico / New Mexico frontiers.

This example measures 72cms long in its leather sheath, 71cms out and has a blade length of 58cms.

So little is known about this specific sword type other than personally having seen one other of similar form and construction throughout.

It is known that similar leather scabbard styles have been in use for the last 150 years in the northern Mexico regions, and across into the southern US border states.
I expect this was as many smaller swords were, a saddle mounted sword used by both cattlemen and outlaws alike.
When considering the overall design, it is clearly Spanish influenced with the stacked horn spacer grip, large round bronze pommel, twisted quillons, and finger loop beneath.

The blade is a broad upswept type that widens through the belly and narrows again towards the tip. As with the other example I have seen, the blade is sandwiched between two metal plates that recess in to the quillon block.
The quillons and quillon block have been forged and hand cut. The stacked horn spacers within the grip are stable with one below the quillon block showing a crack and another missing, a space which has been replaced with a working in the field repair by wrapping old fencing wire or the like, to fill the space.

A very good old example that shows a lot of age and character.

A functional piece of late 19th century wild west history.

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