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Bukharan sword
very rare sabre
very fine blade

Bukharan sword Uzbekistan Samarkand very rare sabre very fine blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and rare Bukharan Sabre with a stunning pattern welded blade of unusual form.

This extemely rare sabre is from Uzbekistan and is historically noted as being of pure Bukharan manufacture with very few examples known for comparative study.

This sabre is just under 91cms long in the scabbard and is just over 89cms out with a 77cm blade.

The blade characteristics of this sabre are rather unusual, having a slightly raised yelman with a beveled edges for exactly half of the blades length.
The blade shows a very well controlled pattern welding design to the surfaces.

The hilt slabs are of burl timber with silver grip straps and large silver rivets.
The full tang construction can be noted where it slightly protrudes between the eared pommel.

The scabbard is very basic in nature. the timbers are shaped at the throat to slightly house the grip slabs.
The leather is thick, shows wear and is stitched in a basic manner to the rear.

An exceptionally rare sword in fine complete condition.

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