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Bhutan Helmet
very rare helmet
excellent condition

Bhutan Helmet very rare helmet excellent condition 17th 18th century A Nobleman's helmet sword Jinchuan hill regions qianlang Tusi Chief Chieftan emperor Jinchuan Jianruiyingwww.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A beautiful well preserved Helmet from far eastern region of the Himilayan mountians, Bhutan.

The helm section stands 16cms tall and 22cms across excluding the peaked visor and oroginal attached neck protectors. The construction of the bowl is thick forged steel, it is heavy and of very good quality.
The crown is mounted with a chiseled and gilded plume holder, the visor shares the same chiseled scrolling designs with full gilding in place, all displaying a wonderful old patina.

The fabric attachnents for neck protection are constructed from a thick inner sandwiched between a woven hemp like material and a waxed silk outer. The outer edges are fully and tightly stitched and also waxed. These pieces also retain 99% of the original leather bindings that secure them to the helmet bowl.

Although lacking a padded inner liner and as sometimes seen, a fabric weather protector outer, this is a very nice and rarely seen combat worthy helmet typically associated with Knights or Royal body guards of the Bhutan kingdom and sometimes seen within other regions of the Tibetan Plateau.

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