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Toledo Sword cane
Malacca shaft
Fine blade

Toledo Sword cane stick walking sword epee sabre Malacca shaft Fine blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Victorian era, gentleman's sword cane, Toledo.

By far the most famous blades known in Walking sticks were those from Toledo, Spain.
This example is likely English assembled for the European market with the finest of blades and Malacca cane shaft.
This walking stick or walking cane measures just over 87cms long. Drawn, the sword is 85.5cms long, with a blade length of 69cms.
The fluted spiral top is silver plate, with the plating now worn with age. It sits atop of a two piece Malacca cane shaft which acts as the hilt and houses the blade.
The Toledo blade is single edged and bears a frosted acid etched panel to one face. The supple blade has a single fuller to each face and a full tip. Its surfaces remain in original bright finish.

A quality sword cane for the European market.

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